I will be showing a selection of THUMBNAIL pastels which I use in the studio to create a larger work.
            For many years i have worked outside on large canvases, Weather permitting, you might manage to finish one.
           Using pastels allows me to get four or five new ideas on one outing.

I work on pastel painting boards up to 30"x 40".

Exhibiting In 

The Aberfeldy Gallery  March 2019.  The Panter &Hall Gallery London . Jan - Feb 2019  .  McGill Duncan Gallery Castle Douglas. 2019    . Glasgow Art Club Exhibitions 2019.       Concept Gallery Glasgow  2019      Save The Children Exhibition Maclaurin Galleries Ayr.  November 2019. Ayrshire Hospice Exhibition Nov 2019.   The Lemond Gallery Glasgow June/Nov 2019.   Helen M Turner  PAI  PPAI A LIFE in COLOUR and DESIGN.   . The Grilli Gallery 20a Dundas ST Edinburgh April/May  2019. Twelve Ayrshire Colourists  In the Maclaurin Galleries   24th March to 28th April 2019.    
The Maclaurin Centenary Exhibition  August  2019